What makes my integrative services unique?

1 Qualified expert in women's cycles

You are women 18-65 seeking effective, natural and integrative health solutions to conceive and give birth naturally. Guiomar has many years of experience in women’s health and she is able to offer you a range of options for managing your women’s health concerns.                                           

2 A Unique fusion of complementary and alternative health                    

We offer a host of women's wellness services from acupuncture for fertility and birth and shiatsu pregnancy massage to labour induction, doula services, integrative holistic nutrition, reiki, hypnotherapy and coaching services and programs for women.

3We are consistent

We have a consistent track records of helping women overcome anxiety throughout their cycles, conception, pregnancy and birth effectively.

Our Mission


To help you to bring ultimate health and longevity to your female body, so you can have a positive experience during your menses, pregnancy and birth in a unique fusion of integrative medicine, spirituality and life style changes.

Meet Guiomar Campbell