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Reiki Course Level 1

Reiki Level 1: Usui Reiki, pronounced "Ray-Key", is an ancient healing art, originally from Japan. It is a profoundly simple system of "laying on of hands", yet also a powerful tool to connect to your innate abilities and inner potential for health and growth. Benefits of reiki Induces deep relaxation, stress relief and emotional imbalances.…
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Celebrating Earth Day With Wholistic Care Centre

The Wholistic Care Center, along with all of our practitioners, would like to invite you to their first Open house. The forest inspired holistic healing centre is famous for its beauty and tranquility. On April 22nd, you will be able to meet all practitioners, have one on one short sessions with them, have your questions…
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How to buy healthy meat

There are many terms used by marketing departments to classify the meat you buy and not all the terms are regulated by the government. For instance when you read the term Humanely Raised/Certified Humanel it means that no practices such as overcrowding, castrating, early weaning, or denying animals access to pasture were used.    …
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