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Minimize labour pain with this powerful herb

Famous during the Middle Ages for its ability to clear eye problems clary sage is known in many cultures as The Christʼs eyes”. Widely used for female complaints such as painful periods, scanty menstruation. The scent of clary sage oil along with acupressure treatment can help a woman  feel more connected with the intense emotions.…
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Shiatsu acupressure for Pregnancy

Shiatsu is very safe alternative medicine for those seeking to get pregnant and also seeking relief from common symptoms in pregnancy. It is a Japanese finger pressure therapy based on TCM and Japanese therapy. Shiatsu treatment uses thumb pressure on selected  acupressure points along the body.  Specific finger pressure techniques are used  to support expectant…
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How to keep your baby healthy

by Guiomar Campbell R.Ac.  Sunlight Let them be in the sun bare chested near a sunny window to get vitamin D from the sun. That helps their skin and helps them to sleep. It also improves brain functions. Nose Make sure to keep their noses clean, to help them eat, sleep and breath well. Use homeopathic…
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