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"I know Guiomar for over 10 years now. She is a blessing in everyone's life. She helped me, with her magic hands, many times since we first met!!! I wished I could see her more often...I now live in Calgary.

I love her."

“I've known Guiomar for years; she's truly a great healer with a wonderful touch.

Guiomar has found her career and really knows her people and her art!"



"I have been to see Guiomar many times and whenever I do, I always leave feeling like I should go more often. What a great skill I believe this woman has. To walk into seeing her feeling in pain and walking out after a treatment feeling great is a beautiful thing.

Thank-you Guiomar for helping my family over the years of getting better!"

"I've been having treatments from Guiomar for the past 12 years or so. She has helped me recover from a life altering spinal cord injury which is very, very difficult to treat effectively. Her intuition and level of commitment are absolutely superior to any therapist I've ever met, and I've had dozens of therapists! I would not hesitate to recommend Guiomar to ANYONE who is interested in increasing their body and mind's natural state of balance and optimum health."