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Medicinal plants for breast tenderness

In my previous article "Why do women get sore breasts" I described different reasons why breasts get tender and important key signs to look for. I compiled a list of my favorite herbs to help you to improve these imbalances. Breast pain, tenderness and swelling are symptoms commonly associated with premenstrual syndrome or be experienced…
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Why do women get sore breasts?

Most of us women experience at one time or other, symptoms of breast tenderness, swelling sometimes with multiple nodules located in both breasts. This is very common discomfort before, during or after menstruation as well as after menopause, and is no cause for alarm but a sign that the breasts need more care and attention.…
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Thinking about conceiving? Prepare your pelvis to nest your baby by practicing these asanas everyday. A- Supported Bridge Pose – Setu bandhasana It calms the mind and helps to stretch and abdominal muscles, reduces anxiety, fatigue and insomnia, relieves menstrual discomfort and helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause. Position . Lie on the back…
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