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by Keda Edwards PierreREIKI SESSIONREIKI - a healing modality that offers healing, well being, and balance. Come experience a Reiki session or you can certify in Reiki yourself so you may be of service to others.

What is Reiki & what are its benefits? It is a natural energy healing that brings to you back into relaxation, rejuvenation, balance, and well-being - in Mind, Body, and Soul. We all hold within us the power to heal and to restore ourselves. 

reiki_effectsWe sometimes search for tools or facilitators to "unblock" our access to our  own healing abilities. Reiki is one of many tools available to us as human beings. It reconnects us to the vibrancy and power of spirit. 

Contact Lotus Arts to learn more. Interested in a Reiki session, group training workshop, or one-on-one Reiki certification?

Contact us here, call 416-920-1811.

Peace and blessings.

By Keda Edwards Pierre

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