Home remedies to improve symptoms of COVID and help you to stay strong.

By Guiomar Campbell R. Ac. acupuncturist, energy healer

Hi everyone! I hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying the safety of your homes. It’s overwhelming to think about our journey from late December 2019 when the virus spread in our community and over 188 countries and territories, causing over 144,099,374 million cases and 3,061,912 deaths, to this day. I am still mesmerized with all the challenges we have faced and the new way of living. I have been approached by some patients who tested positive for COVID-19 asking for recommendations for home remedies to better cope with the milder symptoms of the infection. Some of these symptoms include nose congestion, dry lips, low energy, anxiety, chest congestion, loss of sense of smell, stomach cramps, headaches, frustration, fear, and anxiety. 

I put together some recommendations including a detox diet, supplements to strengthen your immune system, breathing techniques, an exercise routine, as well as mindfulness practices to reduce the progression of the infection and create a positive approach to the experience.

I have been treating a lot of people who in the past have felt sick with covid symptoms and had no idea on how to deal with them. I heard their stories, their struggles to cope with the unknown, and the lack of understanding of their condition. It is not easy to self- isolate and take care of yourself when you are dealing with a potentially deadly virus. On top of that, trying to figure out what is safe or appropriate to do.

If you have been tested positive for Covid it’s not the end of the world. According to the WHO, 80% of cases subside on their own, just like cold or flu symptoms. The 15 days quarantine and self isolation can be a positive, natural and safe experience when you are well informed. You must follow the guidelines to prevent spread and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to stay committed to your healing during the course of the infection.

The recommendations that I am about to share with you are very effective and easy to follow. Patients that followed them during their quarantine, felt a shift in their energy level, improvement of their symptoms and slept better. The most important is to balance your mind and your emotions and stay calm and carry on with your daily routine until the symptoms are gone and you are no longer contagious and need to self isolate. The public health professionals are doing the best they can to assist you with information, support and guidelines. There are a lot of material available online from WHO for you to learn more about including specific instructions on how to protect yourselves and your family when you are tested for COVID. Here is a link I found helpful: https://www.toronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/8fdc-Follow-up-Instructions-for-Individuals-Tested-for-COVID-19-Fact-Sheet.pdf

Home remedies to improve symptoms of COVID and help you to stay strong.

Take daily supplements that can help to build your immune system and reduce the progression of the disease to severe stages. Vitamin D3: 1-2 drops in the tongue or 1 cap/day B12: 1200mg, sublingual once a day Mineral magnesium: 2 capsules before bedtime Probiotics: 20-30 billion/day after meals Vitamin C: 1000mg/day.

For sinus congestion, difficulty breathing through the nose, and loss of sense of smell

Neti pot saline solution: Take 1 tsp of pink salt and mix in 1 cup of distilled or spring water and add to the neti pot. Rinse nostrils in the morning and before bed time. Note that if you are using the nose rinse for the first time, it is common to feel pressure and a strong sensation as you do the rinse. You will get used to the sensation . The key point is to tilt your head forward and turn to the side. Breath in and out through your mouth as you do it. Your nose will be running on and off after the rinse. After a couple of times you will feel more relaxed and your sinuses will be more clear. 

Inhale essential oils throughout the day.

Choose a few essential oils to inhale one at a time by placing a drop in the palm of your hand, cupped around your nose. Breath in and out through your nose a few times. The most effective oils are: Eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, oregano, thyme, rose geranio, cinnamon and frankincense.

Steam inhalation with essential oils

Before bedtime do an inhalation to help you sleep better, clear any toxins in your sinus and throat and improve your breathing. Boil 1 litre of water and add to an aluminum bowl Add 4 drops of either eucalyptus, tea tree, or rosemary essential oils Cover your head with a towel, make sure the bowl of water is safe on a table and be careful not to burn yourself with the hot water. Breath deeply through your nose alternating with your mouth until the oil has completely evaporated. You will feel hot and wet, and your nose will drip. This is helpful to eliminate toxins and clear airways.

In the morning gargle with salted water.

Add 1/2 tsp of salt in a half glass of warm water. Gargle for 1 min, then repeat. Have a glass of water after.


Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration, dryness of lips, nose, eyes, and constipation which seems to be present when fighting the virus.

First thing in the morning drink 1 1/2 glass of lemon water (16oz). Squeeze 1/2 lemon in the water and drink it. Wait for half an hour and have a bowl of fresh fruit. You may choose, papaya, wild blueberry, banana, apple, melon and oranges. You may also blend your fruits with 1 full cup of spinach, a small piece of ginger. Add coconut water or apple cider cold pressed if it is too thick.

Lunch eat a large salad accompanied by either squash, Brussels sprout, asparagus or sweet potato. Choose, fresh vegetables green leaves. Stay away from, carbs, too much grains, gluten, sugar, alcohol and coffee.

For snacks, eat 2 apples and 4 dates, make a smoothie using green vegetables, specially spinach and fruit

Dinner: have a small piece of beef, chicken or fish accompanied by salad and vegetables.

You may add avocados, pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, radish, cilantro, red onions, and various types of leaf lettuce. Make a salad dressing using lemon, olive oil, garlic and gluten free tamari sauce.

After dinner, have either a lemon water, peppermint, lemon balm, or fennel tea.

Lastly, go to bed early and make sure to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep. While lying down, if you have difficulty breathing due to nose congestion, try to lie on your belly or on your side in order to relax your lungs.

Remember to rest, rest more, and rest again throughout the day as much as you want, to allow your body to save energy and fight the virus. Also make sure to walk, move your arms, lie down on the floor, do meditations and mindfulness exercises. Be creative and work on projects. 

Deep breathing exercises are very effective during anxiety symptoms. I put together an ebook “IAMG( I Am My Guide) rhythmic breath and movement” that uses positive thinking, rhythm and movement to help you to slow down your heart beat and induce deep relaxation. If interested send me a message with the subject, “IAMG breathing”, and I will send you a copy.

IAMG breathing Start with a PAUSE by holding your breath, then exhale. Inhale through your nose deeply and slowly, bring positive thoughts and happiness Hold your breath in, relaxing your belly and chest Exhale and expand your awareness Hold your breath out, and just project your energy to healing and love

Repeat the cycle over and over. For more information on this technique get in touch with me and I will send you an ebook Take this quarantine time to write a journal, your experiences. Say prayers, express gratitude, and occupy your mind with positive thoughts.

At the beginning of your quarantine you may have no symptoms or notice any changes in your body. Symptoms may not show up until day 7, half way through your self isolation, a result of the immune system fighting back the virus. Monitor your fever, your symptoms, and make sure to always communicate with your caregiver, as well as your doctor or nurse if you notice the symptoms getting worse. Pay close attention to shortness of breath, dizziness, and high fever. 

You can heal from the covid 19 virus in the comfort of your home. It’s a virus infection and will run its course until your immune system fights back and you get stronger again. Just be patient, compassionate, have faith that you are not alone and that you have a healthy body with tremendous ability to heal itself. 

I health!

Disclaimer. It is important to consult with your doctor before taking any herbal or natural supplements to make sure they don’t interfere with any of the medications you are currently taking.

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Guiomar is a performing artist and an Integrated Health Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in depression and anxiety disorders. She has a degree in nursing and obstetrics from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil. She received her diploma in shiatsu therapy in 1995 and a diploma in acupuncture in 1999 at the Shiatsu School of Canada where she worked for 15 years as a shiatsu instructor in the diploma program. She is a member in good standing of College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturist of Ontario (CTCMPAO). Guiomar specializes in men and women’s reproductive health, gynecology, pregnancy and post partum care. She also has lots of experience treating digestive issues, migraine headache, and insomnia.

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