How to keep your baby healthy

by Guiomar Campbell R.Ac. 

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Let them be in the sun bare chested near a sunny window to get vitamin D from the sun. That helps their skin and helps them to sleep. It also improves brain functions.


Make sure to keep their noses clean, to help them eat, sleep and breath well.

Use homeopathic remedies to keep their imbalances under control.

Wash hands

Wash your hands and babies hands regularly to get rid of cold and flu.


Apply acupressure along the spine from tail bone up towards the neck. Use both index and middle fingers. It increases motor reflexes, and stimulate brain functioning. Babies love it.
Massage babies belly everyday after shower and stretch their legs. Improve digestion and elimination.

Massage babies in feet circular movement around the heel bone, press and pull the toes. It helps babies to relax.


Cook organic vegetables and offer healthy snacks such as mashed avocado and bananas. Feed him/her plenty of fruits.


Lots of singing, dancing and, story telling. Sing to sleep, sing to bathe, sing to eat, and sing to play. Celebrate everything babies do.


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