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by Guiomar Campbell A lot of studies on fertility shows that women that are trying to get pregnant and practice yoga frequently have more chances to conceive than the women that don’t practice. Now a days women that are  trying to get pregnant experiences significant level of mental stress, depression and also weak immune system.…
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Thinking of conceiving? Follow these simple tips

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 60 to 80 millions of people around the world face difficulties in conceiving. The age of women undergoing treatment for fertility is around 25 - 45 years old. And for many couples nowadays the experience can be devastating. All this stress accompanied by an inadequate diet, long hours…
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Food Can Influence your Ability to Conceive

by Guiomar Campbell TCM, Dipl Sh. RN Can what you eat affect your ability to conceive? The answer is yes! “Food and love are inseparable pairs” Food comes in many shapes and colors, different taste and nature. Food can bring you joy and refresh your memories. It is also said that food in in the…
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