• Labor Oil

    Labor Oil

    Designed to assist women during pre-labor, and labor.

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  • Perineum Oil

    Perineum Oil

    Designed to softens the cervix and thins the membrane to get ready for delivery.

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  • Breast Massage Oil

    Breast Massage Oil

    Great skin moisturizer. Used for the prevention of breast disease, tenderness.

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  • Tranquilidade Massage Oil

    Tranquilidade Massage Oil

    Great for anxiety, depression, chest pain, insomnia.

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  • Hand Sanitizer Gel

    Hand Sanitizer Gel

    Disinfect hands and moisturizes your skin.

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  • Brazilian Tropical Bliss

    Brazilian Tropical Bliss

    Aids weight loss, increase energy, tone skin. Guia’s Lotus Blends products. Guia’s Lotus Blends products.

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  • Bellylicious Detox Oil

    Bellylicious Detox Oil

    Prepares the body for detox and elimination, balances digestive tract. Aids liver and colon. Guia’s Lotus Blends products.

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  • Aromatherapy Cool Mist

    Aromatherapy Cool Mist

    Eliminates dangerous airborne bacteria, aids immune system. invigorating to body, and mind.

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  • How to detox from sugar after Halloween

    How to detox from sugar after Halloween

    I AM GUIA offers a tip in how to get rid of the side effects of sugar.

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