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Regulating menstrual cycle

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine,  any gynecological issues in women are related to imbalances on the Spleen, liver and kidney meridians. Women need to understand their blood cycle, keep track of their ovulation and menstrual cycles. Irregular period- period that occur every other month. Premenstrual syndrome PMS symptoms Menstrual cramps-  Polycystic ovary syndrome Endometriosis It is a…
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Fertility – Preparing The Womb

The Belly-Centre of vitality and source of life Women are often physically, mentally and emotionally depleted with stagnant energy in their bodies. This may manifest as painful menstrual cramps or PMS symptoms, cysts, fibroids or emotional trauma from trying to conceive. These energies trapped in the belly, may also be the root cause of infertility.…
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Lotus pregnancy care

What makes Guiomar's lotus pregnancy and labor care unique? The reason why I chose lotus flower as the title for my pregnancy care is because each phase of a woman's cycle from conception to birth is filled with layers that opens individually until fully bloomed, just like a lotus flower. Every month more layers are…
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