Fertility – Preparing The Womb

The Belly-Centre of vitality and source of life

web-4628Women are often physically, mentally and emotionally depleted with stagnant energy in their bodies. This may manifest as painful menstrual cramps or PMS symptoms, cysts, fibroids or emotional trauma from trying to conceive. These energies trapped in the belly, may also be the root cause of infertility. Detecting these conditions, and looking for alternative ways of treating it early, will not only benefit one's overall health but also prepare the womb for conception.

Even for women who do not have an immediate plan to conceive, it is wise to make healthy choices now, to be in optimum shape for when the day comes. One simple solution is to massage the belly daily. Palpation of the belly, also known as ampuku in Japanese, helps nourish the internal organs and keep the blood flowing strongly. It is also helpful in unblocking emotional imbalances, past traumas, miscarriages and keeping the mind calm.

Acupuncture & IUI Preparation

If you are going for intrauterine insemination (IUI), it would be the best for you to start preparation three months before as well (please read above)

Three months before your IUI -- 1~2 treatments/week (twice-a-week treatment is recommended for certain conditions, such as advanced maternal age, poor egg quality, high FSH etc.). Chinese herbs are always recommended.

​Around your IUI day (one day before or after, or on your IUI day) -- 1 treatment

After your IUI (3-5 days after IUI) -- 1 treatment

Until your pregnancy test & during the first trimester -- 1 treatment/week

How to prepare your body for conception

The art of giving birth starts when you nourish and nurture your womb the pond where lotus flower will bloom, will open and receive energy and rays of light.

Before even thinking about conceiving, I recommend good nutrition, exercise, detox, meditation, conscious breathing and off course spending lots of quality loving time with your partner. In order words, begin dating again!

19-greenveggies4 steps that I recommend to you

  • Eating plenty of foods with folic acid in them like leafy green vegetables, moreover, taking vitamin and mineral supplements under the guidance of a knowledgeable therapist. If you are feeling bloated and out of shape a good detox diet and supplement will keep your belly healthy.
  • Physical movement prevents minerals such as calcium and other waste from accumulating around connective tissue and joint spaces. Every time a muscle contracts it flushes away toxins and squeezes fluid out, and then when it relaxes it allows new nutrients and energy to come back in.
  • Regular spiritual practice, especially prayer and meditation, brings gratitude and positive thinking to one's life.
  • If you are feeling anxious or fearful, take a deep breath in, hold, and release. Five minutes of sitting quietly everyday will help you to calm your mind and feel empowered

Tips for Fertility

Follow your intuition, become the woman that you are opening yourselves up about being a woman and being in our feminine bodies. Because when we come to know our true self and live from our authentic self we put ourselves in a wonderful place, we live with joy, enthusiasm and we can move onto receiving our child.

Touch your belly everyday, be intimate with yourself and make it a pleasurable habit.

This information is intended to educate the public on other alternative approaches to health and not to cure diseases. Please consult your Doctor if you need any help.

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