Spiritual Meet Up- Sacred Wellness- What is a spirit?

IMG_5437A lot of us are seekers, healers, light workers, health professionals passionate about life and with desire to speak our truth with love and positive intention. As Allan Kardec explains in his book Obras Postumas, "In a man exists an intelligent principle which is called Soul or Spirit, independent of matter, and that gives you the moral sense and the ability to think".


What gives a men a moral sense and the ability to think?

The soul of man survives the body and preserves their individuality after his death. ?

The man's intelligence and all his moral qualities are governed by the brain?

Would like to share your thoughts? Please join us this Tuesday, November 3, from 7:30 pm- 9 pm, for our monthly Spiritual Meet Up.

12087763_10152954287237563_217392149596105607_oWe are happy to have Sobek Rebello as our guest speaker for the evening sharing his knowledge with us about "What is a spirit?

Sobek is the founder of Body Mind and Soul Energy and spiritual leader of the Rest On The Way Spiritist Centre. He is a medium since he was a child and his ability to  communicate with spirits has helped  hundreds of people to find meaning and healing in their lives.

The lecture will be in conducted in Portuguese but with translation in English. To open our gathering we will have a guided meditation followed by sacred wellness exercises to lift your spirit. If you would like to contribute to our snack table bring something to share.

To confirm your attendance please send an email to info@lotusartswellness.com or call 416 920-1811.

Location: Lotus Arts and Wellness Clinic

920 Yonge St. Suite 605, Toronto M4W3C7.


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