Integrative medicine- cupping

Cupping is an ancient form of integrative medicine commonly used in Chinese Medicine that uses the application of a glass jar on the skin to create congestion and eliminate toxins from the body.

The suction of the skin is caused by igniting a small cotton ball soaked in alcohol and placing it in and out of the jar. The heat inside the cup causes the oxygen to burn creating a vaccum seal on the skin. The glass cup is left on the skin for few minutes.

Benefits of cupping

Cupping increases blood supply to the muscles releasing tension and providing nourishment to the body.

It helps to activate the lymphatic system, clear colon blockages and improve the skin. Children as well as adults can benefit from cupping therapy.

Cupping is indicated for several conditions including:

Lower back pain, shoulder pain, cough, constipation, diabetes, liver disease, women’s diseases, cancer, heart diseases, asthma headache and gastro-intestinal disorder.

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