Why do women get sore breasts?

Most of us Breast anatomywomen experience at one time or other, symptoms of breast tenderness, swelling sometimes with multiple nodules located in both breasts.
This is very common discomfort before, during or after menstruation as well as after menopause, and is no cause for alarm but a sign that the breasts need more care and attention.
Gynecologists consider this type of breast pain to be normal and often related with cyclical hormonal changes.
Very often I treat women with breasts so swollen and painful that it becomes difficult to fit them in a bra.
These discomforts can be experienced occasionally and for some women every month before the period lasting weeks some times.
Women with fibrocystic breasts ( due to more fibrous tissue), can experience more breast tenderness.

If you notice that the breast pain is intensifying, the breasts becoming harder and more swollen and hot and thick skin with yellowish appearance, is very important to consult your doctor for a more detailed diagnosis.

A good high fiber diet, regular massages with essential oils and application of herbal compresses help to improve symptoms and often reduce them effectively.
Oil of calendula flower ( Calendula officinalis ) is a very well known medicine in the treatment of breast cancer, and is gentle enough for regular use.

Midwives and Nurses use comphrey leaf in the treatment of skin diseases in infants and in control of stretch marks in pregnant women .
In addition to maintaining healthy tissues of the breast, calendula acts in preventing and removing adhesions and scars, even keloid scars occurring after surgery.
Keloids are raised, hard scars, usually with irregular edges. They can be painful , especially when they occur as a result of breast surgery .
Keloids are caused by an overgrowth of scar tissue at the site of an injury or incision and is more common in dark-skinned women than in white skinned  women.
Actually these adhesions are bands of scar tissue formed by uncontrolled production of collagen.
Adhesions are common after abdominal surgery but may also appear after breast surgery.

Treatments that I recommend include:

  • Medicinal compress using natural herbs. For more information read my previous article Medicinal herbs for breast tenderness
  • A healthy diet and plenty of water,
  • A good multivitamin with extra B’s
  • A digestive cleanse/ fast or detox to remove excessive estrogens or hormonal disruptors as well as regular intake of probiotics with 30 billion bacteria twice a day.

For more information about breast health call Guiomar Campbell Integrative Women’s Health 416 986-9270 or send an email to lotusartswellness@gmail.com

This information is for educational purpose only. Any concerns please consult with your physician.

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